Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pear and Blue Cheese grilled cheese sandwiches

Here is another dish my husband and I made last weekend.  We used this recipe.  This was just for our lunch, nothing special, but it sounded so yummy and easy (and I was already cooking so many other things) we figured why not?  We used VERY ripe Taylor Gold pears and, despite what the recipe suggests, a VERY strong roquefort cheese - but the two flavors worked really well together. Also, unfortunately, we could not find brioche with raisins, which I would imagine tastes amazing.  But we got a nice, small loaf of brioche that was soft and buttery. They were very easy to assemble and make and a perfect sunday lunch!  After they were grilled, I drizzled mine with a yummy local honey. The buttery bread; soft, sweet, juicy pears; strong, intense, velvety blue cheese; and sweet honey were a perfect combo!

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