Monday, April 23, 2012

Pizza Rolls!!

Halfway through making this recipe, Michael and I were both thinking - there’s no way these are worth it.  The sauce is easy, but the whole wonton part is messy and oh so time consuming.  I couldn’t imagine they would be good enough that I would ever want to do all that again.  But I was wrong.  These things are TA-STY!!  I mean, I’m certainly not going to make them every weekend, but I’ll definitely make them again.  They were crispy and had this great sweetness that a really good spaghetti sauce has.  When I make them again I may try adding pepperoni and more cheese.  In fact, I think I would add a sprinkling of cheese on top of the tablespoon of sauce in the hopes of creating a melty, cheesy layer between the sauce and the top of the wonton.  :)

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