Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebrity Sighting (oh and a chocolate chip cookie)

From the title of this post, you can tell what was the most exciting part of making this cookie.  Don’t get me wrong - the cookie is yummy!  But, while getting the ingredients for this cookie at Whole Foods, we saw Jared Padalecki.  I love Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, so this was a little overwhelming for me.  As we walked into Whole Foods, there he was, walking in as well.  By himself, nothing fancy, no entourage.  He looked a little overwhelmed - he obviously had not been there before.  I ended up behind him on the escalator and was too starstruck to even think to take a photo.  Plus, I did think it would be rude to take a pic of his backside.  :)
We made some eye contact over cart selection and there was sun in my eyes (literally, that’s not a metaphor) so I kind of squinted up at him.  My husband, who was behind me, did smile at him.  And then I proceeded to hyperventilate a bit.  I may have been shaking too.  I’ve never reacted like that to a star sighting, but it was just so unexpected and he’s been a part of my TV watching since 2001, so I kind of lost it.  I was able to calm myself and we had some dinner before shopping.  We saw him one more time, and then he was gone.  But that made my night - who am I kidding, it made my weekend!

Anyway, the cookie was from this recipe.  I didn’t really follow all of the directions - the author recommended refrigerating the dough overnight or longer and I wanted cookies last night.  But they were exactly what I was looking for... just a basic, yummy chocolate chip cookie.  The recipe makes A LOT!  For me, it made about 7 dozen.  I only baked 16, and then I froze the rest in nice little scoops, so we can have cookies whenever we want.  For a really long time.  And now, the day after, the cookies we made are a really nice crispy/chewy combo.  I definitely recommend the recipe.

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  1. Double yum! Going to watch the eye of the tiger video now...