Monday, May 28, 2012

Blueberry scones

This weekend I had several recipes I wanted to try (more posts to follow).  The first... I just HAD to make those scones again.  This time I tried fresh blueberries.  Again, so good!  It’s just a great recipe.  They have this great buttery crisp exterior and are so fluffy and soft on the inside.  Between the 2, I prefer the strawberries.  I think this was because the blueberries were slightly more bitter than the strawberries.  Also, blueberries dye everything.  My fingers were blue, my teeth, my lips, my tongue... all really, really blue.  :)

Another tip - reheat in oven.  They lose too much of the crispy exterior in the microwave.

Next time I make them I will try a savory version... maybe cheddar and rosemary.

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